Dinan Club Edition M2C - Wheels, Tires & Cosmetics (Video 4 of 5)

By: Dinan | 07/26/2019 < Back to Blog Home

The fourth of five supplemental videos highlighting key components of the Dinan Club Edition M2C focuses on the wheels, tires and various cosmetic pieces. With the revised suspension and more power you need some shoes and rubber that can effectively hold it to the ground. Enter Forgeline and Michelin -- Between the beautifully unique GTD1's and the flawlessly designed Pilot Sport 4S tires the engine and suspension improvements are harnessed for maximum enjoyment. As a bonus the wheels bring an aura of aggression with them that complements the various carbon fiber body pieces for a menacingly good looking M2C!

Sit back, watch, and imagine this one of a kind vehicle being your next BMW. The best part? All it takes is a single ticket for that dream to become reality!


Dinan has partnered up with the BMW Car Club of America again for the 2019 Car of Your Dreams raffle event. The first prize Dinan M2C being every bit a worthy successor to our original Club Edition M4 from 2015.

Dinan has transformed a manual, Long Beach Blue M2 Competition—straight from the dealership showroom—into an absolute beast and what may become the most famed M2 Competition ever built. The 1-of-1 Club Edition features a full slate of Dinan’s performance parts along with incredible Forgeline GTD1 wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber. The MSRP with Dinan, Forgeline, and Michelin upgrades: $84,688.

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