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The Powerteq Embedded Software engineering position oversees all technical activities related to developing communication protocols for target vehicles. The engineer will be responsible for new product development, new application coverage for existing products, any sustaining workload related to active and legacy products, and durability & compliance testing. This includes activities such as reverse engineering, com protocols, and binary analysis. The engineer must work with Marketing, Production, Procurement, and Sales to ensure all stakeholders’ needs are well represented in their software releases.

Job Responsibilities:

+ With minimal technical supervision, designs and develops embedded software, PC software, electronic circuits, equipment, systems and products for automotive performance tuning devices

+ Writes code in C, or C++ that allows Powerteq devices to communicate with a vehicle’s control modules

+ Check in and document code to GIT or SVN repositories

+ Analyze binary files to find functions and maps for vehicle calibration

+ Work in a Linux app environment to create vehicle communication code

+ Support existing products by debugging errors and fixing the issues to meet customer’s expectations

+ Design and implement software and database systems to support products and calibrations

+ Coordinate with manufacturing and vehicle calibrations, the building of engineering prototypes, products and systems

+ Learn and use automotive communications protocols (XCP, CAN, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, ISO, K-Line, SCI)

Qualifications & Experience:

+ Strong background in Linux based applications

+ Embedded Software: C, C++, Visual C/C++, ASM

+ Databases: SQL and Access desired

+ QT for embedded device interface design experience a plus

+ IDAPro/Binary Ninja/OllyDbg: Knowledge of Decompiler/Disassembly tools a plus

+ Experience in programming microcontrollers

+ Hardware Experience: Layout/schematic capture to final products support a plus

+ Automotive Communication experience, a plus

+ Industry experience or passion for the industry. Understands industry trends, competitors, and consumers. Loves vehicles, racing, power, speed, performance, aka “going fast”

+ Drive -a good track record of taking initiative and intelligent risks.

+ Team Player- Able to take on any challenge and ask for assistance from various departments to complete important cross-functional projects