F8x M3/M4 & F87 M2C Flash Pre-Release

By: Dinan09/30/2019 < Back to Blog Home

You saw right. S55 Flash tuning from Dinan is right around the corner.

Massive power increases, warrantied and unwarranted options, no limiter and multiple octane maps to choose from are among the various options. For those that want to transform their vehicle well ahead of the public release and get the flash installed (or upgraded from DINANTRONICS) you can do so at 'Haus Party,' October 12th, here at our campus in Opeilka, AL. While you're here intermingle with hundreds of other Euro car enthusiasts, take a tour, watch dyno pulls, learn all about what makes Dinan and APR tick or simply ogle the cornucopia of beautiful shop and customer vehicles in attendance.

Want to be at the head of the line? Register for Haus Party at: bit.ly/HausParty2019

Want to learn more about specs, pricing upgrade paths?
S55 Flash Guide (pricing, options, upgrade paths, basic power info): bit.ly/S55-FlashGuide
S55 M2c Power Graphs (Wheel): bit.ly/S55-M2C-WheelGraphs
S55 M2c Power Graphs (Crank): bit.ly/S55-M2C-CrankGraphs
S55 M3/M4 Power Graphs (Wheel): bit.ly/S55-M3M4-WheelGraphs
S55 M3/M4 Power Graphs (Crank): bit.ly/S55-M3M4-CrankGraphs

Still have questions? Fire away.

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