NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dinan BMW F87 M2C Axle Back Exhaust + X-Pipe Systems

10 min read

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dinan BMW F87 M2C Axle Back Exhaust + X-Pipe Systems

10 min read

OPELIKA, AL. (May 13th, 2020) - Dinan is pleased to be able to announce a new product offering being added into the catalog; the Dinan Axle Back Exhaust & X-Pipe System for the BMW F87 M2C. Experience the Dinan difference today and never look back!


Part Number(s): D660-0082 & D660-0082-BLK




·        2019-2020 F87 M2C


The Quick and Dirty (Features and Benefits):


·         More Power: Max gains of +6 HP @ 6300 RPM, +5 FT-LB @ 6300 RPM.

·         Enjoyably louder, sportier sound.

·         Quad 4" diameter clamp-on, double-walled laser engraved exhaust tips. Available in ceramic black or polished. 

·        Factory resonator replaced by an x-pipe for increased volume and an improved throaty note.

·         100% 304 Stainless Steel construction with a brushed finish.

·         Larger diameter piping for increased flow (70mm vs 65mm).

·         Computer controlled exhaust valve functionality is retained and limits noise during low speed driving and opens fully during high-load conditions. 

·         Easy bolt-on installation with included mounting hardware.


The Story:


The M2 Competition is the version of the platform everyone desired from the outset. While the original N55 powered M2 was a superb car in its own right, it lacked the power that everyone thought appropriate for an ‘M’ car. In the eyes of the consumer, the M2 Competition equipped with a legitimate ‘M’ motor took the M2 designation to its rightful place amongst its peers. However, the upgrade to more power comes at a price as the S55 engine is commonly viewed as a sub-par sounding engine. Paired with an unfortunate muffler design that leaves the rear end aesthetics wanting, there is still room for improvement on the upgraded M… particularly in the exhaust department. Enter Dinan.

Gone is the unsightly sagging OE muffler of the M2 Competition. Replaced by a sleek and nearly invisible Dinan system making the hindquarters pleasing to the eye once again. The system, constructed of brushed T304 stainless steel and TIG welded with immaculate color displays beautiful artisanship even if it is hidden from view. What is viewable are impressively large quad 4” (102mm) exhaust tips. Available in polished stainless or matte black, the signature Dinan straight cut tips offer a much more agreeable, and aggressive, focal point than the stock setup.

With the outward styling and look enhanced, improvement upon the raspy sound of the S55 motor was necessary. To accomplish this an overhaul of many facets of the stock system needed to happen. The internal baffling of the can has been completely redesigned to allow a more Dinan inspired note to be heard (deeper and throatier). The piping has also enlarged to allow freer flow and bring the tone even deeper yet. While these things all make the system a respectable representation of a Dinan M exhaust, what really sets the system apart is the incorporation of an ‘X’ in place of the factory resonator. Not only does the overall volume increase, but the crossover allows for a refined and smoothened exhaust note complete with a perfect mix of exotic undertones and raw aggression. Combined, these features transform the raspiness of the S55 into a more agreeable Dinan inspired aural experience that keeps you wanting more.



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