NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dinan Toyota A9x GR Supra & BMW G29 Z4 Strut Brace Kits


NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dinan Toyota A9x GR Supra & BMW G29 Z4 Strut Brace Kits


OPELIKA, AL. (March 3rd, 2023) - Dinan is pleased to be able to announce a pair of new product offerings being added to the catalog; the Strut Brace Kits for the Toyota A9x Supra and the BMW G29 Z4. Experience the Dinan difference today and never look back!

Part Number(s): D180-0016 (G29), D180-0017 (A90/A91)


  • 2019-2023 G29 Z4 sDrive30i (D180-0016)
  • 2022-2023 G29 Z4 M40i (D180-0016)
  • 2021-2023 A90 GR Supra 2.0T (D180-0017)
  • 2020-2023 A90/A91 GR Supra 3.0T (D180-0017)

The Quick and Dirty (Features and Benefits):

  • Improved chassis rigidity
  • Decreased flex during cornering
  • Solid black anodized billet aluminum for maximum strength and visual appeal
  • Compatible with the stock intake as well as any aftermarket intake system that retains the stock brace clearances
  • Includes matching black mounting hardware for GR Supra applications only
  • Bolt-on installation

The Story:

The popular ‘G’ chassis 2/3/4 series strut braces have been modified to now support both the G29 Z4 as well as the A9x GR Supra! The Dinan A9x/G29 Strut Tower Braces provide additional rigidity and sharper handling to the chassis by reducing flex under hard cornering conditions. With more control, spirited driving becomes easier and infinitely more enjoyable. Not only do the braces inspire confidence but they replace arguably the biggest eyesore in the factory Z4 engine compartment. Transforming the blight that is the factory smashed aluminum tubes into a notable highlight that augments the engine bay rather than detracting from it.

The attractive black anodized billet aluminum braces can be installed in a matter of minutes and used in conjunction with either the stock or aftermarket intake systems that retain OEM clearances.


  1. Fitment is guaranteed with either the stock and upcoming Dinan intake systems for the G29/A9x platforms. Compatibility is not guaranteed with other brands of aftermarket intakes that may not retain the same brace clearances as stock.
  2. Factory hardware is re-used on the G29 Z4 (D180-0016). For A9x Supra applications that do not come with factory braces please use kit D180-0017 that includes mounting hardware.


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