BMW 7 Series Performance Upgrades
For BMW 7 Series tuning and performance parts, Dinan Engineering is the leading designer and manufacturer for the parts that will increase engine power and enhance road handling and take your ride to a whole new level of performance.
One of the most effective ways to increase horsepower is to install a cold air intake. The cold air intake upgrade utilizes the greater density of colder air that adds more flammable oxygen molecules per square inch and burns fuel more effectively. Dinan high flow exhaust systems can add 10% more horsepower or more by reducing backpressure and making it easier for your engine’s system to get rid of waste gases. Our custom exhaust system provides free flow while eliminating much of the unwanted noise that many of these systems produce.
For road-gripping handling and stylish looks, we also offer performance wheel sets that reduce your vehicle’s unsprung weight and help maintain contact with the road surface. Add Dinan tuned struts and shocks and you have a road-hugging ride that will lend a whole new meaning to the term “Ultimate Driving Machine.” Additional performance enhancements include a chip or software upgrade. Among our selection of BMW 7 Series performance parts you will find performance software and chips that will increase engine performance and enhance shifting without the need to make major mechanical modifications.
You can contact us by telephone toll free at 800.341.5480 or via our convenient web form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our BMW performance upgrades and parts.