Lets go fast, faster.

Dinan flywheels are lightened for faster acceleration and more immediate throttle response.Due to the reduction in weight a substantial reduction in rotational inertia is achieved, in the neighborhood of 11%-40% from the stock unit. Best of all, the improved performance does not come at the expense of a smooth engagement or quiet operation that is provided by the stock configuration as Dinan retains the original dual mass unit unlike most aftermarket flywheel manufacturers. While eliminating the dual mass element does save some additional weight it results in a grabby engagement and a noisy gearbox. The Dinan solution has no such side effects and is the perfect blend of features for a street car that desires extra performance but doesn't want to sacrifice the refinement of the factory engagement. 

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    Clutches & Flywheels

    A refined solution for a more immediate throttle response and faster acceleration.