Dinan N55 Performance Engine Software (Flash) - Featurette

By: Dinan | 04/29/2020 < Back to Blog Home

The Dinan flash tuning catalog continues to expand with the BMW 'F' Chassis N55 calibrations (non-M2 / PWG) being the newest member. With gains of up to +95 WHP / +120 WTQ on an otherwise stock engine along with a removed top speed governor and multiple octane calibrations, a new level of enjoyment is a dealer visit away. Even those with DINANTRONICS ELITE's can switch over at no additional cost should you not want to miss out.

For detailed information please consult the product page at: https://www.dinancars.com/products/software-tuning/engine-tuning/engine-software/stage-1-engine-software/parts/d900-n55-s1.

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