Style, Power, and Sound

These are the things that a finely engineered cold air intake can bring and Dinan’s cold air intakes are some of the most advanced on the market. Whether you just want a show piece under your hood with one of our beautifully crafted carbon fiber systems or simply want a bit more induction noise coming from under the hood to advertise your presence, Dinan can meet your needs. Most importantly though is our intakes produce power. By increasing the size of the air filter as well as the size of intake air openings and/or air mass meter and intake plumbing we allow the engine to flow up to 35% freer than the stock system thus making the most possible power. Dinan is also one of the few manufacturers that believe in a fully sealed system and actively tries to seal the cold air intake from heat penetrating the intake tract. If the intake system allows heat to migrate into the air stream, then air density will go down and power will be lost. This important facet of intake design tends to be lost on the market, don't fall victim to this foible.

Superior engineering and rigorous testing are hallmarks of all Dinan products but especially noteworthy in the case of Dinan cold air intakes. The technical aspect of creating a properly engineered intake is a massive undertaking as the factory systems tied to the intake are extremely sensitive and complex. They require the utmost care in order to ensure no faults are triggered or any drivability problems are incurred which are commonplace on lesser quality intakes. Dinan avoids these problems by utilizing a testing process that spans months, not days or weeks, that includes both dynamometer and real world testing. Through this exhaustive process to ensure the product meets all of Dinan’s lofty requirements we are constantly evolving the product by heavily relying on rapid prototyping methods. With these tools we can respond to any test data nuances and produce prototypes in real time. While the technical details are extremely important, the product also needs to seamlessly integrate with the factory components and allow for an easy installation with as minimal of an upkeep as possible. This balancing act is an intricate engineering problem; a problem Dinan has gotten very good at solving. 

The Dinan Difference is made possible by the features listed below which are common amongst all of Dinan’s intake offerings. 

  • Completely sealed or semi-sealed intake system to ensure only colder, oxygen rich air is utilized and the utmost power delivered.
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured to be 50 state emissions legal.
  • Up to 50% larger air filter(s), air box(es), intake openings, and/or Air Mass Meters/MAFs to accommodate the greatest possible air flow to the engine.
  • Made of lightweight insulating materials such as carbon fiber or injection molded plastic for maximum potential weight savings and assistance in preventing hot air penetrating the intake tract.
  • Improved throttle response.
  • Minimal, if any modification, to OEM parts for faster trouble free installation.
  • In most cases the stock mounting locations are retained to ensure perfect fitment.
  • Seamless integration with the OEM inlet ducting. The factory engineered a very efficient air delivery system so there is no need for expansive replacement parts on pieces that are already optimized from the factory. This reduces cost and allows a more uniform fitment to be available to the consumer.
  • Plug and Play MAF and breather locations to assist in an expedient installation.
  • Custom K&N style oiled air filters are incorporated and can be re-used for the life of the system if properly taken care of.
  • Filters are easily accessible for inspection, service, and replacement without the removal of the entire air box.
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    From simple drop-in filters to full intake kits, Dinan is an excellent source of improved breath-ability options for your BMW/MINI.