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One stop shopping with Dinan Experience & Foundation Packages

Increasing your time enjoying your cherished vehicle without wasted time or effort is important to us. Thats why Dinan offers packages that deliver proven performance gains and added happiness free of worry. It's a full service solution that is designed to take your ride from OEM to OMG without hassle. Each Dinan Foundation package delivers a tailored combination of core modifications that focus on improving engine efficiency, and ultimately adding power. Experience packages on the other hand take it one step further and have been designed to offer the driving enthusiast a balanced combination of increased engine power, chassis refinement and suspension enhancements. Best of all, save 10% by purchasing a Foundation or Experience package versus buying the parts individually.

Achieve elevated performance in an all inclusive package!

Dinan Foundation Packages represent the most direct path to increased power while retaining drivability and safety. The combination of Dinan modifications work harmoniously with one another and offer a balanced blend of enhanced engine efficiency, improved acceleration, and increased power to go along with a tasteful high-performance look and unmistakable Dinan sound. Going beyond its Foundation counterpart, the Dinan Experience Packages address not only the engine but also the chassis for a complete solution in the form of a wholly tuned Dinan vehicle. With the addition of suspension upgrades integrated alongside the power adders the vehicle is transformed into something more than just the sum of its parts.

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    Looking for a la carte upgrades?

    While we encourage you to select one of our curated packages, we also offer our product individually. Shop our G87 M2 and G8x M3/M4 pages below:

    Looking for more packages? Check back often as package offerings will be expanded to additional stages as new product is released and to additional platforms as demand presents itself.

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