Confidence in every corner.

Anti-roll bars are a common part of modern suspension systems and are the vehicles main line of defense against body roll; the transfer of weight induced on a vehicle during cornering. However, they are designed to be overly soft for comfort. Lowering the amount of body roll keeps your vehicle more level than stock (while still allowing just enough body roll) to improve mechanical grip. This improvement gives the driver a much more planted and confident feeling in every corner. Additionally, every Dinan tuned anti-roll bar is built and tuned specifically for each specific chassis and not as a ‘one size fits all’ approach that is common in the marketplace. Dinan, like you, wants to extract the maximum amount of handling we can from each and every car so you can experience the joys of a masterfully tuned suspension.

The Dinan Difference is made possible by the features listed below which are common amongst all of Dinan’s sway bar offerings.

  • Larger/thicker bar for increased stiffness to combat body roll that can be as aggressive as over 400% stiffer than the OE component.
  • Tubular (hollow) construction for maximum weight savings of up to 50% over the stock bar.
  • In most applications Dinan offers at least 3 different settings which is typically the most amount of adjustment on the market.
  • Adjustable end links are included on applicable systems that accommodate better fitment and an increased range of adjustment options.
  • Durable powder coated blue finish ensures that the bars are resistant to wear and last for the long haul.
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    Sway Bars & Components

    Reduce body roll and improve mechanical grip in the corners with Dinan adjustable sway bars.