Stance and comfort. Ask us how.

No car can be considered a true performance vehicle without an upgrade to its handling. Hugging the road at high speed, no matter the conditions, is a specialty of Dinan and one that can be traced back to our proven success on a multitude of road race courses. While we are proud of our racing lineage, not all customers can live with the harsh ride quality that goes along with the increased handling characteristics that are typical with a race suspension. So instead, Dinan’s objective for our street car suspensions is to keep as much of the tire in contact with the road surface as possible under a wide range of driving conditions and offer the grip that enthusiasts and professionals alike demand, while maintaining a comfortable ride by not sacrificing suspension travel. Whether you are looking for performance and handling, or just a tasteful drop to improve stance, Dinan has your needs covered with its suspension line-up.

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    Springs & Bumpstops

    Done correctly, the combination of springs and bump stops are arguably more important than ANY power modification in terms of the resulting enjoyment.