The secret sauce to ride quality and handling.

In order to achieve the legendary ride quality that Dinan suspensions are known for the use of our specialty ride quality and handling kits is necessary and should be paired with the corresponding spring set to obtain optimal results. Most competitor suspension systems lower the car using only shorter springs. This usually results in poor ride quality and handling because suspension travel is reduced. Dinan takes great care to ensure that travel is maintained. Dinan springs paired with different bump stops (the main component of the ride quality and handling kits), and on older models even replacement spring or strut mounts, are designed to ensure that you have adequate travel even after the car is lowered all the while still maintaining that factory like feel. 

  • Most spring manufacturers typically do not even offer replacement bump stops. They instead rely on re-using the stock bump stops. While cost effective this method does not take into account the lowering of the car and suspension travel is effectively eliminated. With the suspension then constantly riding on the bump stops it leads to a jarring, uncomfortable ride.
  • Dinan bump stops have been carefully matched and tested to ensure spring rates complement the associated Dinan Springs for each specific application, assuring predictable results and maximum suspension travel.
  • Dinan uses the bump stops to assist in dampening instead of solely relying on the shocks to do this. This equates to more fluidity throughout the compression and rebound curve of the suspension system and a more comfortable ride.
  • Only OE material is used and not urethane replacements which tend to be less refined as the attention to detail is typically lost. This detail is a key component in travel and rebound characteristics so it should not be ignored!
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    Handling Kits

    Retaining factory suspension travel even when the car is lowered means ride quality is unaffected. An important job that shouldn't be overlooked.