Heat is the enemy of horsepower.

Beat it by replacing the stock intercooler with a high performance unit from Dinan to reduce the charge air temperature, which creates impressive horsepower gains. Even more important in hot climates where the inherent power loss is much higher. Cooler charge air allows the engine to safely make more power so enjoy more power, great looks and consistent performance by upgrading to the Dinan High Performance Intercoolers.

The Dinan Difference is made possible by the features listed below which are common amongst all of Dinan’s Intercooler offerings.

  • Up to 278% more volume than the factory Intercooler making the kit much more efficient and capable on maintaining higher boost pressures and thus performance.
  • Bar and plate design along with custom shrouding allow greater efficiency to be achieved and provide the car with a reduced “cool down” time. This enables the car to produce full power in varying driving conditions such as stop and go traffic.
  • While the intercooler provides additional cooling and power the improved efficiency will also enhance turbocharger reliability meaning more power can be extracted out of the turbocharger as well.
  • All Dinan intercoolers are engineered as a direct replacement from the stock unit, requiring only minor modifications for a clean factory-like installation.
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    Charge Air Coolers

    Car de-rating due to heat? Intercoolers and/or heat exchangers are your solution.