Maximum flexibility for those needing maximum performance.

For the most discerning and serious enthusiasts Dinan offers coil over suspensions that are perfectly adept for use on the street as well as on the track. These systems offer the most demanding enthusiast the capability of adjusting ride height for any occasion and the flexibility to do it easily. Noted for being one of the quietest kits on the market and retaining Dinan’s promise of exceptional ride quality means you can live with your Dinan suspension day in and day out, even if it is set up for the track.

The Dinan Difference is made possible by the features listed below which are common amongst all of Dinan's coil-over suspension offerings.

  • Ride height adjustable typically ranging from .75” - 1.5” via threaded collars for those that wish to fine tune their suspension to their individual driving needs.
  • Dinan suspension packages, and in particular coil over systems, are specifically designed to retain the full functionailty of the Electronic Damper Control system so the flexibility you enjoyed with the stock setup is still intact.
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    Coil-Over Kits

    Adjustable ride height for maximum comfort or performance the coil-over kits are for those that demand perfection, no matter the environment.