Much more than just wheel gap correction.

The essential building blocks to any suspension setup are the springs. These fundamental components are the gateway to improved handling and performance by virtue of lowering the center of gravity and reducing body roll. Additionally, Dinan spring kits reduce the fender well gap for a more aggressive appearance that every enthusiast desires. Most importantly however is that Dinan springs are specifically designed and tested to not only yield increased performance characteristics but also to guarantee superior ride quality that rivals the factory itself.*

The Dinan Difference is made possible by the features listed below which are common amongst all of Dinan's spring set offerings.

  • Dinan springs significantly reduce the excessive pitch and roll associated with stock suspensions by virtue of being up to 50% stiffer in some cases. That soft floaty feeling that leaves so much to be desired is simply eliminated.
  • A drop in ride height typically ranging from 1/2” - 1” over a stock setup for a more aggressive appearance and increased performance.
  • Extensive testing and development is used to ensure Dinan springs will never coil bind, sag, or have free play within the housings leading to a sub par ride experience.
  • Most Dinan springs are specifically engineered to bow like the factory springs so that pressure is reduced on the strut bushing. The result is a longer serviceable life for the strut and costly repair bills can be avoided. In addition to longer life the system is also less prone to noise, which is commonplace on most aftermarket setups.

*Dinan Performance Spring sets should be purchased and installed with the corresponding Ride Quality and Handling Kit to achieve the advertised ride height, performance, and ride quality. While not explicitly required, if the matching component is not purchased and installed you will get less than favorable results in the form of poor ride quality and improper handling traits. While we will maintain a full warranty on product defects, any claims against the car’s improper handling/ride quality traits due to not purchasing the corresponding handling kit will not be warranted.
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    Spring Kits

    The basic building blocks for any suspension setup.