Jalopnik Reviews the Dinan S1 M5

By: TS | 10/10/2014 < Back to Blog Home

The Dinan S1 M5 Is How An Obsessed Tuner Builds A Better BMW

I’ve never warmed up to the new BMW M5. Yes, it’s got gobs of torque and toys galore, but it still feels like a warmed-over 550 – a bit of a punt on a marque that deserves more. Steve Dinan tends to agree. Not just because his business depends on it, but because he’s obsessed – and I don’t use that word lightly – with making a better BMW. And oh yes, this is much, much better.

Dinan really isn’t a “tuning” company anymore. It’s a software firm that also engineers and manufacturers beautiful bits of go-fast artwork. But the real highlight of the company’s S1 M5 isn’t the new exhaust or the painfully perfect pair of carbon fiber cold air intakes, but the custom computer Dinan created to run it all.

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