NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dinan B46C 3rd Gen MINI (LCI) Performance Engine Software (Flash)


NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dinan B46C 3rd Gen MINI (LCI) Performance Engine Software (Flash)


OPELIKA, AL. (March 27th, 2023) - Dinan is pleased to be able to announce a new product offering being added into the catalog; Dinan Performance Engine Software for the 2020 MY B46C powered 3rd Gen MINI’s (LCI). Experience the Dinan difference today and never look back!

Part Number(s): D900-B46-TCMG1-M-S1 & D900-B46-TCMG1-M-S1-W


  • 2020 F60 Countryman S (& S ALL4)
  • 2020 F54 Clubman S (& S ALL4)
  • 2020 F55/F56/F57 Cooper S

The Quick and Dirty (Features and Benefits):

  • More Power: (1) Stage 1: Max gains of 128 WHP / 118 lb-ft of torque over stock on E85 or 77 WHP / 79 lb-ft of torque over stock with 93 octane. Consult the performance charts for additional octanes and their associated data. (2) Dinan +: Max gains of 57 WHP / 72 lb-ft of torque over stock with 91 octane. Consult the performance charts for additional data.
  • Warranty: (1) Dinan Stage 1 performance software includes a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the software and provides free updates and reflashes as they become available. Labor or shipping charges are not included in the warranty. (2) Dinan + performance software matches the factory new car warranty (4year / 50,000 mi) and is the warranty protection commonly associated with the Dinan brand.
  • Stage 1 affords access to numerous octane calibrations depending on your needs (91, 93, 100, 104 and E85). Switching between mappings would require a reflash at a Dinan authorized dealer. Dinan + is limited to a single map (91).
  • Full map rescaling for drivability from idle to wide-open throttle and everywhere in between.
  • Optimized boost control, cam phasing, fueling, airflow and temperature controls for maximum power output that is also safe and reliable.
  • Top speed governor removed.
  • Aggressive sport mode cooling added for optimum track effectiveness.
  • Pedal mapping optimized for revised torque output with a more linear throttle feel.
  • Retains all MINI factory engine safeguards and adds additional safety protections such as the stationary rev limiter and implementation of per gear torque limits.
  • Sport gauges rescaled to reflect higher than stock power output.
  • Stock JCW pops and bangs implemented for increased aural satisfaction over the factory S settings.

The Story:

3rd Generation MINI’s have been largely unchanged since their introduction in 2015. However, the engines and ECU’s have gradually been tweaked over multiple LCI refreshes. The first of which in 2020 saw the base B46 engine become standard between both the S and JCW Cooper models, albeit with minor changes. In addition, changes in architecture to the core ECU made early flash tuning solutions incompatible with the LCI. Even within the LCI itself there have been encryption changes that have further diminished flashing availability and relegating options largely to in-line tuners (piggybacks). That changes now.

The 2020 B46C engine found in the S variants are the first LCI’s to be imbued with Dinan levels of power. With no other modifications but the Stage 1 engine tune and 93 octane, maximum gains of +77 WHP and +79 lb-ft of torque are attainable. Better yet, upwards of +120 WHP/lb-ft of torque is possible with the E85 calibration. Even if you wish to retain the 4yr/50k warranty, the Dinan+ variant registers gains of 57 WHP and 72 lb-ft of torque. That’s a lot of power, and fun, added to an already deceptively enjoyable vehicle. The little MINI that could, now can... and then some.

While increases in power at this scale typically come at a cost to the engine's durability, this is typically due to improper calibrations that are simply after one goal regardless of engine health - maximum power. Dinan’s calibrations are safe and reliable without sacrificing long-term reliability or performance. Dinan performance engine software is so much more than just turning up the turbo boost after all. It is a fully re-tuned engine management program that maximizes power while keeping all the MINI factory safeguards in place. In most cases Dinan software engineers also implement their own additional safety precautions in order to guarantee flawless performance that may not have been needed with factory power levels/programming. Protecting your MINI, while giving the most performance, is the definition of "Performance Without Sacrifice". To do just that, drivetrain and engine components are analyzed for strength, and then the calibration is tested on the dyno and in the real world for durability and drivability. This process has been a cornerstone of Dinan software development for decades and a major reason why Dinan performance tunes are often labelled as being the smoothest, factory-like solution in the marketplace.

NOTE: Current compatibility of the MINI LCI engine software is limited to the B46C engine in MY 2020 vehicles. MY 2021+ vehicles utilize different factory encryption that continues to be worked on. 2020 B46D powered MINI's (JCW) are needed for development in order to expand coverage to them. If you own one and are interested in helping Dinan develop the B46D flash with your vehicle, please reach out to [email protected]. Please note it would require the vehicle and/or the DME to be sent to Dinan in Opelika, Alabama.


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