NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dinan G8x M3/M4 Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System (HAS Kit)


NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dinan G8x M3/M4 Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System (HAS Kit)


OPELIKA, AL. (September 18th, 2023) - Dinan is pleased to be able to announce a new product offering being added to the catalog; the Dinan G8x M3/M4 Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System (HAS Kit). Experience the Dinan difference today and never look back!

Part Number(s): D190-8210


• 2021-2024 BMW G80 M3 (& xDrive)

• 2021-2024 BMW G82/G83 M4 (& xDrive)

The Quick and Dirty:

  • Up to 1" of lowering in front and 2-1/4" of lowering in back are possible depending on tire clearance but with diminished ride quality
  • Dinan recommends a 3/4" (M4) to 7/8" (M3) drop in front and a 3/4" drop in the rear to maintain a civilized ride
  • Up to 1/2" of lift in front and 1-1/4" in back over stock is also possible
  • Threaded collars allow easy and precise front & rear vehicle height adjustments
  • Spring rates are 15% stiffer in front and 10% softer in the rear for increased predictability and compliancy
  • Substantial reduction in body roll
  • Dinan-spec progressive bump stops improve ride quality at lowered ride heights
  • Included suspension packers allow adjustment of bump-stop clearance to fine-tune handling and comfort
  • Components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and black anodized for a sporty appearance as well as corrosion protection
  • Stock upper spring mounts are utilized as well as spring isolators for quiet operation

The Story:

For the driver that demands the best out of their vehicle. The Dinan Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension was bred in the race lab but refined on the street for maximum versatility. No matter the environment, the traction that is awarded to the vehicle from the improved suspension will inspire newfound confidence when running at higher speeds. From the substantial reduction in body roll as well as reduction of dive under braking and squat under acceleration, Dinan guarantees you superior handling, performance, and comfort.

Dinan's design retains the superb factory electronic shocks but swaps the springs to a more aggressive, performance enhancing formula and implements threaded collars that allow the user to change the ride height themselves. While shorter, stiffer springs are commonplace in aftermarket suspensions and are a key element in reduction of body roll it is not a one size fits all approach. In the case of the G8x M3/M4 where the vehicle has a penchant for oversteer, stiffening the rear springs would exacerbate the problem of the rear losing traction before the front when the platform is pushed to the limit. Dinan instead has opted to soften the rear spring rate as well as switch from the factory progressive rate rear to a dual rate spring setup. The combination increases predictability and compliancy, and in turn, provides better rear grip/road holding for a vehicle that needs both. The result is a sleek lowered stance that provides improved handling to go along with its stunning visual appearance. The springs combined with progressive bump stops and other components increase travel that allow the car to be lowered up to 1-1/8" in the front and 2-1/4" inches the rear. However, to retain the ride quality synonymous with Dinan suspension kits the recommended drop of 3/4" (M4) or 7/8" (M3) in front and 3/4" in the rear is advised. For suspension connoisseurs, or those that are just simply very particular, suspension packers are included to fine-tune handling and comfort by changing the clearance of the progressive bump-stops --- something no respectable race car is without.

NOTE: Due to the extensive lowering possible and the increased suspension travel, the installer must carefully evaluate tire clearance under all situations. Safety will be compromised if all precautions are not taken. Dinan is not responsible for any property damage or injury.


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