2019-2021 BMW M2 Parts

The M2: Take Two

The BMW M2 Competition replaces the BMW M2 Coupe while retaining the compact dimensions, characteristic BMW M proportions and the BMW M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine, rear wheel drive and a standard manual transmission with an optional M DCT transmission that have made the M2 beloved by many enthusiasts. The exciting new addition to the BMW M portfolio provides a distinctive M design complemented by improved dynamics and track capabilities with a 0-60 sprint time of 4.0 seconds. With it's true M design power plant courtesy of its bigger brother there is a noticeable improvement over the original M2. However, what also comes with the increased power are the less than desirable weaknesses from that same motor. Namely sound, rear aesthetics and the tendency to be less then planted. Luckily, all of these weaknesses have been addressed by Dinan.

Power Modifications

Additional power is commonly one of the first things people want to improve on their vehicle. However, most don't consider much more than the final power number when making decisions on such modifications. While Dinan strives to give the best results we also take into account reliability, stress on the vehicle, and the various effects additional power may have on other systems in the vehicle. We want to give the consumer an OEM+ experience where they don't need to worry about ramifications and instead focus on enjoying the vehicle just like it came from the factory, albeit with significantly more 'oomph.' Some of the upgrades offered include: Engine Tuning: More Power! Maximum gains up to 146 WHP and 155 lb-ft of torque depending on options selected. Axle Back Exhaust / X-Pipe: Deeper exhaust tone, more volume, no drone. CF Cold Air Intake: Improves throttle response and provides under hood aesthetic beauty. Heat Exchanger: Combats heat soak for prolonged enjoyment when putting the car under load.

Suspension Modifications

While stance and 'the look' are considered, Dinan suspension components have the ultimate goal of creating a better tactile driving experience and effectively putting the power generated to the ground for maximum enjoyment. Each individual component has specific goals to achieve that end, but together, they embody a total solution that transforms the vehicle into something entirely different. Some of the upgrades offered include: Coil-Over Suspension: Lowers the car and its center of gravity for reduction in body roll. Sway Bars: Reduce body roll and allows more mechanical grip. Rear Suspension Links: Eliminate deflection and dramatically improves rear end stability. Tension Strut Ball Joint (Monoballs): Improves steering responsiveness and reduces brake shimmy.
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