Seamless increased power and performance... instantly.

Simply put, that is what the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner bestows upon your already impressive performance oriented vehicle. With drivability that feels like the additional power came straight from the factory you will be left with the question of, “why wasn’t it?” Not only does it provide the bump in power you crave but it is also the only engine tuning device on the market that is 50 state emissions legal and carries a factory matching 4YR/50k mile new car warranty (DINANTRONICS Elite only). Power you can trust with the peace of mind you deserve is what Dinan brings to the table.

The Dinan Difference is made possible by the features listed below which are common amongst all of the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner variants.

  • Over 110 HP and 100 lb-ft of torque gains are possible with supporting hardware on some applications. Dinan dyno tests to provide maximum horsepower and torque gains and road tests to ensure real world results.
  • Factory matching 4YR/50k new car warranty (DINANTRONICS Elite only). A hallmark of Dinan that is unique to the brand and the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner in particular, because we stand behind our product with confidence.
  • 50 state emissions legal or will be in the near future, depending on application. Dinan is the only Euro tuning company that can make that claim.
  • DINANTRONICS is capable of monitoring and controlling many engine systems and not simply just the boost. This means that we are able to correctly adjust for almost all possible situations that present themselves and keep the factory on board diagnostic system intact for unprecedented reliability and safety.
  • State-of-the-art computer hardware that is capable of 4000 adjustments per second and a wiring harness that is beyond compare. Technology that allows superior drivability that feels like the power came directly from the factory.
  • Bluetooth Smart that enables the end user to use DINANTRONICS Dashboard phone apps to control the unit wirelessly (most applications).

Sophisticated technology hardware built to last and perform to the highest standards; OE standards.

  • DINANTRONICS is engineered using the best possible components and advanced hardware.
  • The Dinan harness uses OE connectors and an expandable braided wiring sleeve ensures that all visible components appear as if they come straight from the factory. More importantly however it guarantees long lasting and dependable performance due to the use of high heat, moisture and abrasion resistant materials and design that exceed automotive quality standards.
  • Each harness undergoes an automotive testing process to ensure high quality and guarantee years of trouble free service.
  • The DINANTRONICS control unit while not only offering sensational performance and processing ability is also engineered for the harsh conditions in an automotive environment. The boards themselves are conformally coated to protect against moisture and the effects of corrosion.
  • The circuitry and components within the Dinan ECU are produced in a fully automated, and highly accurate manufacturing process so variances can be eliminated and superior quality can be maintained.

Drivability is paramount. Retaining the factory experience is Dinan’s goal with DINANTRONICS Elite solutions.

When you buy a BMW, or any Bavarian marque, you are purchasing a finely engineered German performance vehicle. Its fluid power is unique unto itself. It is power, refined. While an American muscle car may yield the same peak performance it does so in a much cruder fashion. Dinan’s goal is to elevate the power and performance of your vehicle without sacrificing its general persona which less sophisticated tuning devices have the tendency to do. We want the car to be akin to its factory brethren. To that end we go through an extensive engineering process that ensures your tuned vehicle performs just as it would from the factory, just with the fun factor turned up a notch... or three.

  • Sophisticated datalogging is employed in our tuning approach. We emulate our tuning to follow how the factory themselves develop their engine software. The car doesn’t simply go onto a dyno to make max power. Instead we attempt to make as much power as is safe and reliable while running optimally in all conditions issue free.
  • Most aftermarket tunes simply turn up the boost and allow the engine management system to adjust to the inconsistencies in data in real time. This method sacrifices drivability and causes delayed throttle response and the general ‘herky jerky’ nature that is commonplace. We turn up the boost as well, but also fix the imbalance it creates by adjusting other sensor data proportionally so the car is not fighting itself causing the aforementioned issues. We maintain proper fuel/air trims and mixtures throughout the whole RPM range just like software would even though a secondary ECU is being employed. In fact, our product is completely transparent to the OE engine management system.
  • One of the more unique signals we tie into is the wastegate signal. This signal allows us to maintain boost throughout the RPM range as well as proper position. Instead of a one size fits all approach accounting for the wastegate signal means more control over power and how it is delivered.
  • Our extensive signal interaction allows us to design tables based off of RPM and sensor inputs and gives us the tools to make a map that is suitable at all RPMs and throttle loads. Ultimately, this equates to a dramatic improvement in drivability over competitor systems that do not go to such extraordinary lengths.
  • Dinan implements a control strategy to maintain a richer mixture on shifts. This avoids having a lean spot and waiting for the car to catch up before you get full power. Instead, only fluid consistent power delivery is achieved.
  • DINANTRONICS fully retains the factory onboard diagnostics functionality. This is an integral piece typically lost on other systems that defeat the system so check engine lights are not displayed. With the diagnostics left intact, safety protocols are maintained and engine life is not compromised while also allowing the unit to be legal.

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    In-Line Modules

    Utilizing a secondary controller, in-line modules intercept signals and re-process them to produce more power and torque without the need to alter any factory programming.