Emissions Dyno Operator

By: Dinan | 02/01/2021 < Back to Blog Home

Position Type: Full Time

Position Location: Opelika, AL

Job Description: The Emissions Dyno Operator is a motivated technician that will be responsible for running all emissions related testing and post-processing. Our emissions dyno operator will play an instrumental role in the effective implementation of “reasonable-basis” emissions testing compliance, which is pivotal in our product release process.

Job Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Have ability to load and operate vehicles on a chassis dyno safely and effectively
  • Setup, install and remove emissions testing equipment, adapters etc…
  • Understand and operate Sem-tech emissions testing equipment with extreme attention to detail
  • Ability to run basic computer functions including provided emissions software and Microsoft Excel
  • Work closely with product development team to define project goals and requirements
  • Effectively prepare and deliver key information and test results clearly to engineering teams and management
  • Effectively communicate between development teams to coordinate hardware testing
  • Continuously self-educate and conform to industry best practices (SEMA, EPA, 1A, etc…)
  • Self-motivated to keep work on schedule and ability to plan weeks in advance to run in most efficient manor

Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • Basic technician skills and understanding of vehicle mechanics
  • Ability to sit for long periods of time in a vehicle on the dyno
  • Ability to run basic computer programs including Microsoft Excel and provided emissions software
  • Ability to get down on the ground under cars to strap them safely to the dyno
  • Ability to multi-task between dyno operation and emissions software

Desired Qualifications & Experience:

  • Basic Welding and fabrication proficiencies
  • Experienced vehicle technician ability
  • Understanding of vehicle emissions as pertaining to 5 gas analyzers
  • Thorough understanding of chassis dynamometer best practices and maintenance
  • Experience and passionate with racing and/or automotive aftermarket parts

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