The Evolution of Power

The System: Explained
Dinan, a brand world renowned for engineering and performance on the track as well as the street, has utilized its extensive engineering know-how to develop a tiered engine performance product lineup that caters to all levels of enthusiast. We call the complete lineup, ‘the evolution of power’. From its base level to its highly engineered and sophisticated top level of tuning there is a solution for everyone, no matter the budget.
Each tier of the evolution is broken down in the following paragraphs and charts so you can decide which solution fits your particular needs the best. The end result no matter which solution you decide upon is more power, and a much more enjoyable spirited driving experience!

DINANTRONICS Sport is the first step in the ‘evolution of power’ and offers the end user an inexpensive plug and play device that can be installed in minutes resulting in an immediate, and noticeable, increase in horsepower and torque. DINANTRONICS SPORT offers this modest boost in power via manipulation of a single sensor, the boost pressure sensor, which allows for a very short and straight forward install while also being very discrete. On some applications up to 30 HP and 50 lb-ft of torque at the crank can be gained.

DINANTRONICS Sport is also equipped with a Bluetooth module that allows the tune to be adjusted in a matter of moments via a free smartphone app. The app allows for some customization in the level of boost you wish to run in addition to reduced power / valet modes. Another mode available within the app is the boost gauge mode. When active the DINANTRONICS Sport streams live boost pressure data to the phone so the user can monitor and verify the increase or decrease in boost.

Unlike most of Dinan’s product offerings the DINANTRONICS Sport does not offer a factory matching warranty and instead possesses a limited 1 year product only warranty that protects the user against defects and workmanship. This is the case in order to retain a very attractive price point. Even though it may not hold the warranty Dinan is known for, the device has still been rigorously tested and has met all of Dinan’s lofty standards in safety. For example, since the DINANTRONICS Sport module installs on the boost sensor and not the manifold pressure sensor, ignition timing and air-fuel mixtures remain safe for worry free driving.

For those that want a bit more bite for their spirited driving, your solution is a short install away.


The pinnacle of the DINANTRONICS lineup and the ‘evolution of power’ is DINANTRONICS Elite. DINANTRONICS Elite allows for multiple stages of tune dependent on associated hard parts and thus offers the most potential power out of all the DINANTRONICS offerings. The extra power over its successors is made possible by Elite’s unique ability to plug directly into the factory DME and having access to every signal entering and exiting the BMW factory Engine Control Unit. In the case of DME8 applications the Elite unit connects to more signals then the competition. Irregardless of which version is involved each type does much more then simply modify the various boost sensors. With this level of control the unit is able to be transparent to the engine management system and the functionality of on-board diagnostic systems is retained. Manipulating these signals with an adept hand all the while keeping an engine running at its best and with the most reliable power is what Dinan is all about. More importantly then the power that is garnered by connecting in this fashion however is the superior drivability that can be offered over other options. With more control, knock sensor activity is eliminated, and that means smooth engine performance just like it came direct from the factory. There is more to a tune than just cranking up the boost after all. Power needs to come on smoothly and in a predictable way to make the car as fun to drive at wide open throttle as cruising around town. With DINANTRONICS Elite it is your BMW, but reborn with new found acceleration and speed.

The DINANTRONICS Elite V1 is Bluetooth equipped and allows the end user to connect to the unit. Switching between the available purchased stages as well as a bypass mode for easy before and after comparison, dyno runs, or troubleshooting via a smartphone app is at your fingertips. The DINANTRONICS Elite V2 is not equipped with Bluetooth functionality.

DINANTRONICS Elite also carries Dinan’s lauded warranty. Dinan’s comprehensive warranty program, introduced in 1997, provides superior warranty coverage to that which you would find elsewhere. If your vehicle is currently covered by the vehicle manufacturer’s new car limited warranty, Dinan® products are warranted for the remaining term of the vehicle manufacturer’s new car limited warranty. The manufacturer’s new car warranty is limited to 4 years or 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers in Canada), commencing on the date of first retail sale or the date the vehicle is first placed in-service as a demonstrator or company vehicle, whichever is earlier. Dinan’s warranties are transferable when ownership of the vehicle into which the Dinan products were originally installed is sold. BMW automobiles can now be performance-tuned without the associated concern of negatively affecting the new car warranty coverage.

All of these features embody the apex of performance engineering in a powerful, reliable, and warrantied package; the type of solution Dinan is synonymous with.

The Comparison
DINANTRONICS Sport and DINANTRONICS Elite may be similar in nature and ultimately go after the same end result, increased power. However, they do so in very different ways and with very different end results. Each system is also aimed at very different market segments so the comparison chart below as well as the power graph comparing the two options is provided below so you can best choose the option that best suits your needs.


$299 and up.
$899 and up.
Typically ~60%-75% of Stage 1 DPT Elite when set in the “Sport +” setting.
Capable of maximizing gains from supporting hardware mods that far exceed DPT Sport’s capabilities.
1YR product only warranty.
Does not include consequential damage or labor.
Factory matching 4YR / 50k new car warranty.
Includes consequential damage and labor.
Less than 15 minutes on most applications.
Can be done at home or at an authorized independent Dinan dealer.
1.0-2.0 Hours.
Can be done at home but recommended to be performed at any authorized Dinan dealer.
Connects directly to the boost sensor(s) alone and utilizes the factory DME in concert to adjust boost in addition to ignition timing and fueling.
Connection Method
Either Connects directly to the factory DME so all signals can be monitored and/or adjusted or in the case of V2 to specific sensors. In both instances it results in superior drivability.
Yes. Free Android & iOS App available
Bluetooth Smart
Yes / No. Free Android and iOS App available for V1.
V2 does not have Bluetooth functionality.
No. CARB EO Pending.
Emissions Legal
Yes. V1: CARB EO# D-176-42
No. V2: Not yet submitted to CARB.