Calibration Engineer

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Calibration Engineer

Position Type: Full Time

Position Location: Opelika, AL

Job Description: The Calibration Engineer will work in a team environment that will develop engine calibrations to meet performance, drivability, reliability, and emissions requirements. This position will have the opportunity to calibrate engines utilizing the latest engine control strategies that includes port injection, direct injection, and a combined port & direct injection.

Qualifications Required:

BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Physics

Minimum of 1 years’ experience with EFI calibration gasoline engines

Thorough understanding of IC engine theory/practice

Experience with data acquisition, calibration equipment and vehicle instrumentation

Proficient with standard PC software

Qualifications Desired:

2+ years’ experience with EFI calibration gasoline engines

Experience working with forced induction systems

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

Lead testing and calibration activities as part of a team to develop engine calibrations for North American and global markets

Manage software and calibrations to meet deadlines and requirements

Perform EFI system calibration in accordance with procedures and best practices

Prepare and manage calibration schedules to meet development deadlines

Develop new procedures and tools for testing, data analysis, and calibration

Complete resource planning in accordance with project requirements

Data collection, analysis and reporting

Generate and present technical reports

Interface with other engineering and technical departments

Keep dyno area neat and tidy on a daily basis

Understand and test products to meet emissions standards

Other special projects as needed and assigned

Success Factors/Job Competencies:

Ability to work well in a team environment and in the alternative independently

Strong oral and written communication skills

Attend work on a regular and predictable basis

Complete assigned task in a safe manner and in a constant state of alertness

Uphold company policies, including the anti-harassment program

Work in a cooperative manner with managers, supervisors, coworkers, customers and the public

Uphold the highest standard of integrity, honesty and ethical behavior

Work effectively and efficiently under product deadlines

Possess a valid and unexpired driver’s license

Eligibility to be an insured driver

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

Ability to lift and move at least 25 lbs., sit for long periods working on a computer, climb stairs, stand for long periods, and walk short distances.

Includes both an indoor office environment and a warehouse environment which may be significantly colder or warmer than a normal indoor office setting. There may be brief period of loud noise from machinery.

Required to work a 40-hour work week and over-time as needed including occasional weekends for company events, business trips, and shows.

Annual performance appraisal for administrative level