Update Agent

Over the lifespan of a product there are often updates to improve performance, functionality, or features. This is typically in response to tweaked factory software that limits functionality of the old software but there are times when completely new features are introduced in an update as well. This is no different in the case of the DINANFLASH Handheld Tuner. As new features and/or bug fixes are implemented for the Dinan Flash Handheld the firmware/software will need to be updated. In order to do so the Update Agent software is required. When installed on your computer and the Dinan Flash Handheld connected via the supplied USB cable you will be able to do just that with a few clicks. This ensures your flash tune is up to date with all of the latest features as well as running optimally. Update Agest is available for both the PC and MAC. Download whichever is pertinent for your setup now and get started!