Dinan F87 M2C Axle-Back Exhaust + X-Pipe - Sound Clip

By: Dinan | 05/13/2020 < Back to Blog Home

The M2 Competition is the version of the platform everyone desired from the outset. While the original N55 powered M2 was a superb car in its own right, it lacked the power that everyone thought appropriate for an ‘M’ car. In the eyes of the consumer, the M2 Competition equipped with a legitimate ‘M’ motor took the M2 designation to its rightful place amongst its peers. However, the upgrade to more power comes at a price as the S55 engine is commonly viewed as a sub-par sounding engine. Paired with an unfortunate muffler design that leaves the rear end aesthetics wanting, there is still room for improvement on the upgraded M… particularly in the exhaust department. Enter Dinan.

For more information, visit:

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