Dinan F90 M5 Cold Air Intake & Turbo Inlets - Featurette

By: Dinan | 08/30/2021 < Back to Blog Home

The Dinan F90 M5 Cold Air intake and Turbo Inlets provide enticing visuals and can best be described as "seduction under the hood." They are also so much more...

Whether you opt for the base intake and its advancements geared for maximum flow or the turbo inlets with their enhancements to raw power, the individual parts of the full Dinan Intake System yield benefits beyond just an alluring engine bay. Together however, they form a unified system ideally suited for optimum flow and efficiency. The combo not only providing power, but also inducing less stress on the turbochargers resulting in improved reliability and more head room.

That said, the combo is also pretty. So very pretty.

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