Dinan Turbo Inlet Pipes - 2018-2024 BMW M5/M8

Carbon Fiber - F90/F91/F92/F93

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Dinan Turbo Inlet Pipes - 2018-2024 BMW M5/M8

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This part is legal under the provisions of EPA’s Tampering Policy dated November 23rd, 2020.

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The Dinan Turbo Inlets are an easy-to-install bolt-on upgrade that eliminates the largest obstacle in the entire factory intake system, the turbocharger inlets themselves. They are an upgrade that is both cost effective and an important stepping stone in the modification journey to unlocking maximum power out of the luxury sedan. From the factory, the plastic inlets are limited and allow very little volume to pass as they neck down dramatically to the turbochargers themselves. This reduction stifles flow and increases the pressure ratio pre-turbine causing the turbochargers to work harder than necessary. This is a problem Dinan engineers took great care in rectifying through exhaustive prototyping and testing to ensure maximum future power potential while also having compatibility with numerous potential configurations. The benefit of their hard work are Dinan Turbo Inlets that are constructed of gloss UV coated 2x2 carbon fiber and are designed to mate seamlessly with whatever level of modification to the intake system you anticipate (paired with either stock air boxes or the full Dinan Cold Air Intake System). Where the carbon fiber ends an aluminum adapter to connect to the stock turbocharger begins. Using the same factory locking system, installation in this area is straightforward and earmarked by a "click" when secure. The simplicity making this quite possibly the quickest and least aggravating installs on the platform you will encounter. The pipe itself has been created to offer the largest possible cross-sectional area all the way from the intake filter to the turbo, a staggering 200% increase in volume over stock. This is the key to maximum performance gains from the system and the reason for the organic and unorthodox shape of the Dinan inlet system. While the effects of the additional volume are pronounced on a vehicle equipped with the factory airboxes and results in average gains of +11 WHP / +13 WTQ from 2000 RPM to redline, the overall efficiency of the entire intake system is maximized when paired with the Dinan Cold Air Intake that is also delivering an increased volume of cooler air earlier in the intake tract. Robust testing with a fully instrumented engine further illustrated the multitude of benefits the Dinan Turbo Inlets offer beyond the confines of the dyno room and flow bench. Simply put, the F90 M5 / F9x M8 Dinan Turbo Inlets assist in allowing the turbocharger to operate at a lower pressure ratio, which means it will operate more efficiently. This directly translates to lower pre-turbine backpressure, lower turbocharger shaft speeds, lower turbocharger compressor discharge temperatures, and for the ability to achieve higher boost pressure levels.


  • More Power: Max gains of 22 WHP and 18 lb-ft of torque @ 6500 RPM on an otherwise stock vehicle. Average gains of 11 WHP and 13 WTQ from 2000 RPM to redline.
  • Outflows the factory inlets.
  • Larger internal diameter throughout (maximum cross-sectional area allowed).
  • More volume (~200% more than stock; 105 cubic inches vs. 35 cubic inches per side).
  • Carbon fiber construction for heat insulation and visual appeal.
  • Compatible with both the OEM and Dinan intake systems. Compatibility with other intakes not guaranteed.
  • Quick and easy bolt-on installation.
Brand Dinan
Dinan Point Value1
Emission Code7
Labor Time (Hours)1
Product TypeIntake Pipe / Turbocharger Inlet
WarrantyDinan Factory Matching (4yr/50k) Warranty
Part NumberD760-0053

This part is legal under the provisions of EPA’s Tampering Policy dated November 23rd, 2020. The company has reasonable basis (test results) to verify that this product allows the vehicle to operate within legal emissions standards and is therefore legal to be sold for on-street use in all states that accept the legal provisions of the Clean Air Act and the EPA Tampering Policy. This product is NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Testing with the California Air Resources Board, in order to achieve 50-state compliance, is pending with CARB. Once testing is complete with California, and an E.O. number is issued, this product will be updated to 50-state legal status.
Dinan Factory Matching (4yr/50k) Warranty: See Details

Dyno Testing

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Flow Bench Testing

The Dinan intake system, regardless of configuration, outflows and outperforms the factory setup. The base intake system (D760-0049) provides more air flow via an additional inlet, enlarged air boxes/piping and free flowing filters. The upgraded turbo inlets (D760-0053) encourage better efficiency and allow the turbo to breath better by way of increased volume and an organically optimized transition into the turbo that reduces turbulence. A combination of these two elements represents the full Dinan intake system and yields maximum flow potential.

Q: I want more. What now? A: Intake + Inlets. Maximum flow and efficiency.

Whether you opted for just the turbo inlets or the base intake system it is highly highly encouraged that you complete the full system to extract maximum benefit out of the Dinan system. The combination of both the base intake system AND the carbon fiber turbo inlets allow the turbochargers to work significantly less for optimum efficiency and more headroom. The combination of the two components also visually completes the under hood appeal with a network of carbon fiber parts that wrap ithemsleves around the engine bay, framing the artwork that is the powerful S63TU, V8 engine. It's a work of art that will surely make any passerbys stop in their tracks and gawk. Don't be ashamed. Be proud. We are.


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