Power in your palm.

The convience of flash tuning your vehicle from your garage, driveway, local track or even grocery store parking lot is now a possibility with Dinan's handheld tuners. Whereas historically Dinan flashing was the domain of authorized dealers, with the handhelds you are your own dealer and control when and where you gift enhanced performance to your ride. The versatility does not end there however. Need to read/clear codes? We got you. Want to monitor live data from the device? Done, with up to 4 PIDs displayed on screen at a time. Want to log parameters for troubleshooting or just to satisfy your own curiosity? We can do that to... with up to 8 PIDs logged at a time with raw data exportable to your computer via USB to review and evaluate. It's the same performance flash as before, just with a new delivery mechanism that allows convenience, versatility, and additional capabilties. *NOTE: Factory matching warranty flashes (Dinan+) still need to be performed at an Authorized dealer and are not available with the DINANFLASH Handheld devices.

Standard Features

• High-definition, 2.8″ color screen with intuitive navigation. • Graphical interface for an enhanced user experience. • More power w/ superior drivability courtesy of Dinan ECU flash software. • Vehicle parameter monitoring/logging capabilities w/ export option. • Ability to read & clear diagnostic codes. • Internet updateable with software via supplied USB connection. • Installs in minutes and change between maps/octanes even faster! • 1 year limited product warranty.
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    Handheld Tuners

    Flash tuning meets convenience and versatility with a feature rich handheld device.