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The M Models encompass a wide array of platforms and body styles. The commonality between all these differing models is their lineage. All M cars are built with maximum performance in mind and are the top of the pyramid in their respective classes. VEHICLE TYPE / Compact, Mid-Size & Full-Size BODY STYLES (US) / Sedan (E36, E39, E60, E90, F10, F80, F90, G80), Coupe (E36, E46, E63, E82, E92, F13, F82, F87, F92, G82, G87), Convertible (E36, E46, E64, E93, F12, F83, F91, G83) & Gran Coupe (F06, F93) YEARS (US) / 1995-Present (for available parts) ENGINES (US) / N54, S50, S52, S54, S55, S58, S62, S63, S65, S68, S85
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